Sing meinen Song-Das Weihnachtskonzert Vol.4
VÖ: 28.11.17
Format: CD
Bestell-Nr.: 4049709144963
Genre: Weihnachtsrepertoire
Label: tonpool Medien GmbH
Vertrieb: Music For Millions
CD 1
1.  Jingle Bells Play MP3
2.  All I want for Christmas is you Play MP3
3.  The power of love Play MP3
4.  Oh Holy Night Play MP3
5.  Wir sind eins (sagt ihr) Play MP3
6.  Ave Maria Play MP3
7.  Forever young Play MP3
8.  Carol of the bells Play MP3
9.  Santa claus (Do you ever come to the Ghetto) Play MP3
10.  Dezember Play MP3
11.  All is full of love Play MP3
12.  Lulaze Jezuniu Play MP3
13.  Don't give up Play MP3
14.  The earth song Play MP3
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