Kelly Family,The
We Got Love
VÖ: 24.03.17
Format: CD
Bestell-Nr.: 602557413137
Genre: MOR (Middle of the Road)
Label: Universal Music GmbH
Vertrieb: Airforce1
CD 1
1.  Nanana Play MP3
2.  Fell In Love With An Alien Play MP3
3.  An Angel Play MP3
4.  Stand By Me Play MP3
5.  First Time Play MP3
6.  Good Neighbor Play MP3
7.  Brothers And Sisters Play MP3
8.  Why Why Why Play MP3
9.  I Can't Help Myself Play MP3
10.  Imagine Play MP3
11.  Come Back To Me Play MP3
12.  Keep On Singing Play MP3
13.  We Got Love Play MP3
14.  Who'll Come With Me (David's Song) Play MP3
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